Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Study Courts Progress

This past weekend we started on the construction of the Study Courts. Two courts, 4 foot walls, treated wood, this thing is gonna slay. Here are just a few shots from the two days of work. Thanks so much to everyone who lifted a finger this past weekend.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back at The Church

This past "Monday Bike Polo Pick-Ups" we were nicely escorted out of the TinCaps Parking Garage by the Authorities around 11:30pm...

So we took it back to the roots of FTW Bike Polo. We took it to The Church.

Feels good to be back.

From now on, this will be our pick up spot again til the completion of the Study Courts

The Church Court is located at Barr St & Madison St

Riverside Bike Polo Tournament

March 24th in West Lafayette, IN

GR Friendlies

First stop of the evening... Bells

The after Party Karaoke Style after Founders

Brewery Vivont

And the place we ate 6 times over the weekend...El Barrio

And we played some bike polo and visited The HOPCAT as well...

Grand Rapids as a city definitely knows their beers

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Battle for MidWest Roster

Its official, all of the hard work payed of for Drew, Robbie and Stas who will be representing FTW Bike Polo Club with the rest of IN Slayers down in Bloomigton for the Battle of MidWest.

Here are the Cities as well...
1. Bloomington
2. Bloomington
3. Lafayette
4. Ft Wayne
5. Lafayette
6. Bloomington
7. Lafayette
8. Indianapolis
9. Ft Wayne
10. Indianapolis
11. Ft. Wayne
12. Bloomington

And in other news, does everyone remember that we have this sweet ass polo spot...

Well we collected enough money for phase one, which is concrete and 4x4's at our PreGame Monday Night Polo. So back to the drawing board to get this ball rolling again.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Friday, February 17th
Driving up to Grand Rapids

Visiting with Founders Brewing Company

Saturday, February 18th
Snow time down at SkiBitterSweet.

$38 Lift Tickets 9am-10:30pm and $22 Ski/Snow Rentals

Halftime at Bells Brewing Company (Kalamazoo)

Back to GR to finish up the evening with a night cap.

Sunday, February 19th

GR Bike Polo

No matter if you play polo or not, this trip is going to kick ass!
If you are interested in going, let us know!

Sounds like this could be great Polo Friendlies!!