Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Justin Study Park Court Prospect

Earlier today I got a phone call from Drew telling me that he ran into some run-down tennis courts that are located close to The Rob Shop. With in hours we visited it twice, took down all the dimensions and discussed the future of The Study Courts. We are going to have pick up games at the new spot this week and start preparing to have a meeting with the city's park and rec to get this thing going. This place is exactly what we have been looking for and we hope Fort Wayne will be on-board with this project. This place is decently secluded, nice green scenery with plenty of shading on the South Court, but there are no lights anywhere so that is our main point we want to focus on at the meeting with Parks and Rec.


3'-5"x38'-11" Heavy Duty Net...Goal Nets??

Shot from the South West Corner

The holes go all the way around this place but that's good for us.

Here is what we were thinking.


  1. Dude, that looks PERFECT!

    To the parks dept, use the LEX courts as an example of how they can be revitalized into a "community asset" instead of just a run down tennis court.

    Possible location for the Indiana vs. Michigan bench minor match?!?!?

  2. possible location for the future of bike polo...YESSS!

    this place is to perfect minus the lights but were being optimistic

  3. link to some video i took Monday

  4. Is there an update to the outcome of this study?

    We are dealing with a similar situation in Dallas, Tx where this study could be used as a precedent if successful.