Thursday, October 28, 2010

FTW Polo is making its presence known

Fort Wayne Hardcourt Bike Polo was formed in March 2010 by Stas Malykhin. We've played at multiple locations since then and are now settled at our current location, "The Church", at 1145 South Barr Street. Our scheduled pick up games are on Mondays and Thursdays @ 6:30pm. Recently we have been getting started a little earlier due to decreasing daylight, usually around 5:45. Our court is decently lit ,but it does become a challenge to see the ball. However, we do have a new white ball and glow ball to help out.

Currently we have 4 regulars that have been playing at least since March. We would like to get more new people out to play, so if you or anyone you know loves riding bikes and are interested in trying out a new sport and having fun, come check out FTW Hardcourt Polo! We've got the court and stuff for you to play. You just need a bike. Check out the links on our page for more info on polo rules and equipment as well as our friends Bloomington and Indy.