Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ann Arbor Friendlies/Tourney

Ann Arbor is having friendlies and a little tourney on January 8th. The first 2011 tourney!! So naturally FTW is making plans on attending this awesomeness. I just wanted to get the word out there so that everyone knows about this event. If you are interested, drop a comment or contact Stas for more info.

Also Bloomington will be stopping by maybe Friday or Saturday for a lil FTW polo and we will be parting Ft.Wayne together to head out to A2.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FTW 2010, Year One

From the first pick up game at a HUGE parking lot back in April with 7 people to playing at The Church with a waiting list to get your polo on, from all of the numerous locations that we tried to call our Home Court to getting kicked out at 3am from Taylor University for trying to have a little polo fun, from the trips to Bloomington to the trips to Indy. I would say that Bike Polo in FTW was a success for its first year, plenty of good memories were made and new friendships established.

I cant wait for 2011, we have many exciting new plans for making 2011 a very awesome year for FTW Bike Polo.

IN Invitationals

This was the first Polo Tournament the FTW attended in which we actually did surprisingly well for our first ever tourney. After qualifying 3rd out of 17 teams, we got beat out in the Semi-Finals. Great job FTW!!! We actually had 2 teams in this tournament, FTW was Robbie, Chad and Stas, and The Strangers was Drew, Michael and a third dude from Lexington.

Thats Chad and Robbie on the right, kicking ass and taking names!

Drew on the right, Ballin on these fools!!

Here are some pictures that Rolando Riverbottom took for us, Thanks Dude!!!


Polo Crash!!!


FTW Tour Bus, we are making upgrades to the BUS for 2011!!!

Five Deep, 3 in the back and 2 on top! This was our trip to Indy for some pick up games where we meet up with Bloomington. We had Drew(pictured), Chad, James, Robbie and Stas go out there, unfortunately this is the trip where Robbie fractured his arm and was out for about 2 months.

See ya'll next year!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A sucsessfull polo trip to Bloomington.

Last week Robbie, Drew and I made it out to Bloomingtons last scheduled pick up of the year with a success. It was definitely nice to change things up by playing polo with new people and in a different location and Bloomington definitely brought their A Game. The following morning FTW, Zach and Travis had lunch at the local Brewery Uplands! "Dreams do come true" Now we need to change their mind about MadAnts!!!

We also stayed up late to discuss the future of Indiana Bicycle Polo Cooperative (IBPC), which was suggested by Zach from Bloomington. IBPC is a non profit organization which will help polo to blossom in IN by providing insurance, tournaments and courts!!! Hopefully this will help POLO to blow up in INDIANA in 2011!

Always a great time in Bloomington.
Those dudes and gals definitely know their whiskey!

Drew decided to convert to singlespeed down there.