Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ann Arbor

11 hours of winter polo on 2 courts in the basement level of a parking garage in Ann Arbor this past weekend definitely made all of us really sore but it was worth every minute. Met ton of cool people from A2 and Grand Rapids, saw some sweet bikes, picked up some ski poles and a golf bag, and played some long overdue bike polo. Next on the list...double brake lever adapters and mallet making party!!!

Also check out GR Bike Polo, they also posted about this weekend and have pictures and videos.

Yes we had to play around the pillars but luckily no one made pancakes.

Friday, January 7, 2011

FTW Spirit

I have been pretty busy the past few weeks with all thinks FTW, all the excitement of bike polo in IN for 2011 got me really motivated. Here are a few thing that I hope will make FTW Bike Polo taken more seriously and hopefully attract new prospects.

Spoke Cards, so come out for Bike Polo and get'em.

Also made some smaller size spoke cards for the single purpose of bombing unsuspected parked bicyclists, stick one in their spokes and spread the work that way.(A tip from Bloomington. Thanks guys)

Top Tube Covers with FTW embroidery. Many Colors available but FYI we decided on Black, White and Orange for FTW Bike Polo colors just like the Ft. Wayne Komets!

And the last FTW Spirit item took me the longest to make...FTW Bike Polo Flag, which is 25"x15" in size and is double sided. Robbie is making a custom stainless pole for the car so we can fly the colors on road trips and the Flag can be removed and hung at tournaments by using the eyelets. Cant wait to use it on our first trip of the year to Ann Arbor this Saturday, Jan8., which sounds like we will have 2 full teams.