Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pickup last night 9/20 and worlds stuff.

I haven't posted in a long time and figured I would give a little update.

I just got back from Seattle last Wednesday night. It was an awesome week. I didn't play on a team, just came to check out the city for living and volunteer for medical and court building and take
down. Wish I would have teamed up for the wildcard though just to play. There were a few teams i probably could of played on but I had fun nonetheless.

Here are the few pics I took for those who are interested. I was busy running around helping out (never realized how much work these tournaments take) otherwise I would have taken more.

 Yesterday was my first night back for polo and we had a total of 9 players show up, 4 new and 5 regulars. Dunno if anyone took pics but its been a long time since we've had that many. It was fun to see everyone learning the basics.

Congrats to our Bloomington brother for getting 2nd in the star city tournament. Stas and I were gonna make it. I was up at 6am he was not. But its cool I was a little traveled out from Seattle. Check out the Bloomington blog for details.

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