Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Battle for MidWest Roster

Its official, all of the hard work payed of for Drew, Robbie and Stas who will be representing FTW Bike Polo Club with the rest of IN Slayers down in Bloomigton for the Battle of MidWest.

Here are the Cities as well...
1. Bloomington
2. Bloomington
3. Lafayette
4. Ft Wayne
5. Lafayette
6. Bloomington
7. Lafayette
8. Indianapolis
9. Ft Wayne
10. Indianapolis
11. Ft. Wayne
12. Bloomington

And in other news, does everyone remember that we have this sweet ass polo spot...

Well we collected enough money for phase one, which is concrete and 4x4's at our PreGame Monday Night Polo. So back to the drawing board to get this ball rolling again.


  1. aww hell yeah let's get those Study Courts built!

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