Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Hey everyone, so I believe that all of the final plans for the IBPC have been made so now it is up to the Indiana Polo Clubs to do the rest. Each club is responsible for $100 annually members fee plus $10 per court.

This is a Liability Insurance that will covers...
1. The owners with any property damage
2. Spectators if they get hurt during game play
3. Sponsors if a tournament is canceled

I will be bringing with me a sign up sheet to our pick up games, and we think it should take $10-$20 per person for us to meet our goal.

And most important this will get us one step closer to getting ourselves a permanent polo court if we have Liability Insurance. I am planning on having a meeting with FW Parks and Rec later on this month.

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  1. Someone from every club (INDYexcludedcuztheirsiteisdown) in Indiana posted today! Probably a first. Thanks for being there guys. Indiana wouldn't be the same without you! Stas, can't wait to see yo goodies!