Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break Recap

We got back from Lexington last night all beat up and sun burnt. Saturday they had a quick 3 on 3 tourney fun and the main event of 2 on 2 was on Sunday, and a TON of pick up games in between. We met new people and clubs from all over, Louisville, St. Louis, Toronto, Pitt, NYC, Cinci, Chicago, and Cleavland. Thanks to Ben for housing FTW and Lexington for putting on a fun spring break tournament. Check out POLO VELO, Zach has a ton of pictures posted and also BRUCE CARVER for more action shots.

4 Half Courts of 2v2 Action

Lexington probably has the best dedicated Bike Polo Courts in NA's from the help of their Parks and Rec Dept. It used to be a 4 or 5 court tennis facility to which Lexi did a major overhaul.

At the Karaoke Bar on Saturday Night

Way to start 2011


  1. Is this a real bar?! Does someone own this?!

  2. haha. it did look like just a bunch of peeps dressed pretty similar hanging out and going behind the bar getting their own shit.

  3. Isn't the LEX club great!?! Loved having you guys there with us!!

    Stas, sorry bout knockin' you outta the tournament but we'll kill it at Slayerfest!

  4. ha ha hah Zach and we will murder at slayerfest